Welcome to the home page of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly. We are a continuing historic confessing church that has officially adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1647 together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms as our subordinate standards. We further recognize the value of other Reformed creedal standards and their acceptable use among our churches in teaching the theology of the Reformation.

We are also unique as a denomination in that we:

  1. embrace the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy
  2. maintain a literal twenty-four hour, six consecutive day creationist view of Genesis;
  3. reject the modern day Erastian teaching of Church Incorporation;
  4. practice male head-of-household voting;
  5. encourage family-integrated church practices;
  6. require an educated eldership;
  7. adhere to a two office view of the church (Southern Presbyterian) while maintaining a three fold function of the eldership (preaching, teaching and governing);
  8. promote and support the training of our children in Christian educational institutions, especially in the home schooling method.

As a Reformed covenantal church we invite you to examine our web site and review our documents and if you have any questions about our denomination, please feel free to contact us.